Paranormal Activity in Coral Castle - Edward Leedskalnin's Spirit Haunting?

This is a clipping from a newspaper called "Ocala Star Banner" published on October 2, 2007. It has some interesting information: Paranormal activity on Coral Castle. Quite a few people have seen apparitions, orbs and heard whispering voices in this mysterious place. There have been many ghost hunting expeditions at Coral Castle and it is only increasing. Some people say Ed was a devil worshiper, which is why he carved the alien like sculpture. Some have even claimed that they has seen the ghost of Edward Leedskalnin himself, perched up on the large crescent moon on the north wall. Edward Leedskalnin wanted to be buried inside Coral Castle, but the city of homestead did not permit it, so he was buried in Miami instead. Is it possible that Ed's unsatisfied spirit still haunts Coral Castle? 

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