World's Bizarrest Barbecue Cooker?

Ed has created a massive cuboid artifact which is dubbed the "Barbecue Cooker". What was Ed cooking?

Ed's Strange Radio Experiments

You can still find many of Ed's radio devices in Coral Castle. Ed said "I could hear the music from stars."

The Mysterious Mirror of Ed

There is a strange coral object called "Ed's Mirror". How did Edward Leedskalnin use it?

Why did Ed carve 2 crescents next to Saturn and Mars?

Ed referred to this area as the "Planet Corner". Yet he carved 2 crescent moons. Was Ed Crazy?

Alien sculpture found at Coral Castle?

Ed has carved a small face which looks like an extraterrestial in a remote area of Coral Castle. WHY?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alien Sculpture Found At Coral Castle! Did Edward Leedskalnin Hint at Gods?

Many visitors at Coral Castle ask the following question: "If Edward Leedskalnin built Coral Castle for his sweet-sixteen,why didn't he carve her face in one of the 1100 tons of rock?" Well, Ed has done something worse! He has carved the face of an extraterrestrial near the southern wall of the castle. This is the only face he has carved, hinting it could be something very important. 

What prompted Ed to carve such a face? He has placed yellow marbles for eyes, carved 2 holes for nostrils and a small mouth. The topic of Coral Castle has appeared several times on History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens' show and people have claimed Ed was visited by extraterrestrials. They argue that this why he was able to build Coral Castle without the help of other human beings and machines. 

The alien face is situated near the bottom of this picture
The area where Ed carved the face of the extraterrestrial is weird. It is filled with shells and holes which make up strange shapes and numbers. For example, on the top of the above picture, we can see  the letters and numbers "C11". Is this a natural formation or did Ed do this on purpose?

The above picture is a distant shot of the alien face. Ed has created a large stone bench weighing several tons to place the sculpture on top of it, making it look like an altar for alien worship. Was Ed contacted by extraterrestrials? Was Ed a pagan who worshiped strange Gods?

Some people point in a completely different direction. Edward Leedskalnin was involved in devil worship. And they have taken it even further: Ed's apparition appears in Coral Castle from time to time. During night time, you can see a shadowy figure perched up on the large crescent moon. This is not something new, rumors of Ed's ghost started circulating around the year 2000. The Paranormal Awareness Society in Homestead has carried out several ghost hunting expeditions at Coral Castle. In 2007, a newspaper did an article about this, you can read it here.

Crescent of the East - Large Moon Crescent in Coral Castle

On the north wall of Coral Castle, Ed has carved a huge crescent moon which weighs about 23 tons. But Edward Leedskalnin referred to this area as the "Planet Corner". Moon is not a planet, so what is it doing in the Planet Corner? This makes no sense!

To the left of this large crescent is planet Saturn. Edward Leedskalnin referred to this large crescent as "The Crescent Of The East". What does it mean?

To the right of this large crescent, Ed has carved yet another smaller crescent! Remember, Ed also carved the Moon Fountain in a different area, to represent the moon. Why did Ed carve so many different moons? Did Ed carve multiple moons to impress his Sweet-Sixteen?

Ed must have been very childish indeed, to carve all these various meaningless objects. But he was also able to create a Sundial and a Polaris Telescope!

There is a reason why Ed placed two crescent moons in the 'Planet Corner'. There is a reason why Ed called this large crescent as "The Crescent of the East". To learn more, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Repentance Corner at Coral Castle - Edward Leedskalnin's Torture Device?

The most defamatory thing ever said about Edward Leedskalnin is the Repentance Corner. In this corner, Ed has carved 2 holes that look like keyholes. No one knows how this story came about: When Ed was building Coral Castle for his imaginary family, he thought "what if someone misbehaves?” So he carved these 2 holes here, one for his wife and one for his kid. 

When they need to be punished, he could shove their heads into these round openings at the top and lock them in with a piece of wood. This was in essence, a medieval stockade. When they stand there motionless in this torturous position, Ed could sit on a nearby stone bench and teach them some manners.

Was Ed nuts to build a coral stockade to punish his imaginary wife and children? Well, after all he did build an eight foot tall barbecue cooker and a coral bathtub for his sweet-sixteen, didn't he? Well, read the book Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong and you will know why Ed built these strange, inexplicable objects. 

Three Reading Chairs at Coral Castle - Mysterious Carving Of Edward Leedskalnin

In the northwest corner, Ed has placed three large chairs made of coral rocks. These are commonly referred to as "Reading Chairs" by tour guides. These three chairs share a common foot rest in the middle, which is also made of coral. These items create the shape of a 3 blade ceiling fan. 

Why did Edward Leedskalnin take the time to create these weird structures? Why did he insist on doing it by himself? Some argue that Ed kept his techniques secret, so others couldn't compete with him. If that's the case, why did he refuse to employ mules, horses and machines? 

The above picture shows the front view of the "Reading chairs". Behind it, on the left you can see the Stonehenge Statue and on the right you can see the Florida Table.  You can also see several Rocking Chairs strewn around. Do all these objects have specific meanings or were they created by a deranged, lovelorn man?

The reading chairs represent something specific just like the obelisk, stonehenge, barbecue cooker and bathtub. Edward Leedskalnin was not crazy, he built Coral Castle for a specific purpose. To learn more, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong  

Andrew No Match For Coral Castle - Newspaper Clipping

Below is a clipping from the newspaper "The Hour" published on September 24 1992. It is titled "Andrew No Match For Coral Castle". Who is Andrew? Hurricane Andrew! In August 1992, hurricane Andrew more popularly known as the ‘costliest hurricane in US history’ hit Homestead Florida with a vengeance. The entire city was devastated and almost all man-made structures were flattened to the ground. However, Coral Castle was barely touched. A blow-horn attached on top of the 3 ton gate had blown away and several trees had fallen down, but Ed’s megalithic castle was intact.

What’s more interesting, when the Government realized Coral Castle was indestructible, they immediately put it to use - they stationed their battalion in the castle to cleanup and rebuild the area.  They recognized this was the safest place in the city and officials made it their temporary quarters. I think it is safe to say Coral Castle will remain forever, unlike modern buildings built with "state-of-the-art" technology. 

Mysterious Moon Fountain at Coral Castle, Florida

A few feet away from the planet corner, Ed has placed a rather exotic sculpture in the ground. He called it the moon fountain or the moon pond. This is one of the most beautiful carvings of Coral Castle, as Ed has polished much of the surface, giving it a finished look. It is made of 3 distinct pieces: two crescent moons which stand vertically, flanking the large full moon which sits horizontally in the center. This unique representation of the moon shows three phases: Waxing, Waning and the Full Moon. 

But if this carving represents the moon, what about the huge crescent on the north wall? What does that represent? What about the smaller crescent right next to it? Was Ed simply making many sculptures of the moon to impress his sweet-sixteen? No, Edward Leedskalnin had a much higher purpose in life than to impress his girlfriend. To learn more, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Ed has carved the inner circumference of the circle, almost like teeth of a gear. There is a reason for this, just like there is a reason why he carved the core with a 6 pointed star. 

The above picture was taken from the back of the moon fountain. You can see the sundial and Coral Castle's tower through the 2 crescents which look like devil's horns. 

Stonehenge Statue at Coral Castle - Homestead, Florida

On the western wall of Coral Castle, Edward Leedskalnin has erected a gigantic T shaped structure made of 2 coral rocks. It is referred to as the Stonehenge Statue. On top of the large vertical stone, Ed has placed a thinner rectangular slice of rock. Ed has glued them together with his 'special lime mortar' to create the desired shape. 

All authors, bloggers and tour guides put forth the same theory which goes like this: "Ed created this structure in memory of the Stonehenge in Southern England. If you've visited the Stonehenge, you would have no trouble recognizing this shape." This is astonishing, because the stones at Stonehenge do not look like that at all. All the stones at the top are supported by two vertical pillars, not one. Stonehenge stones look like π (pi), not T. Because of this popular misconception, Coral Castle has even earned the nickname "The American Stonehenge". If it doesn't represent the Stonehenge in England, what else does it represent? 

The picture above also shows a mysterious detail. You may not be able to spot it unless you scan it inch by inch. Good luck!

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