Three Ton Gate at Coral Castle - Homestead, Florida

Edward Leedskalnin created three different moving stones: The Nine Ton Revolving Gate, The Sun Couch and The Three Ton Gate.  Fortunately for us, at least one of them still works in Coral Castle. It is the 3 ton gate. It is one of the first objects you will encounter as the tour begins. It looks like a large triangular chunk of cheese you see in cartoons. It is a lot of fun to watch visitors spin this gate. When the tour guide asks a visitor to rotate the 3 ton gate, he usually braces himself to use all his strength. However, the person quickly realizes how easy it is to spin this rock, and then uses his fingers. This is a familiar sight in Coral Castle, which makes visitors smile, if not laugh out loud.

The 3 ton gate at Coral Castle

A visitor spinning the three ton gate

Why did Ed carve a rectangular slot on the 3 ton gate?

In case you are wondering about the rectangular slot Ed carved on the 3 ton gate, he used a wooden chock to stop the gate at a desired position. 

Have you ever wondered why the 3 ton gate still works while the others have become immovable? What does this gate represent? Why is it so easy to spin 3 tons of rock with just one finger? To learn more, buy Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong 

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