Weird Machines of Edward Leedskalnin - Bizarre tools at Coral Castle

Shortly after Ed’s death, Coral Castle was looted by thieves. The castle was again looted during the time of Hurricane Andrew. However, the most precious belongings of Ed have been left untouched, since looters couldn’t understand the value of them: the objects in the tool room. These objects would be of great interest to people who are passionate about learning how Ed single-handedly built a modern megalith. You can see Ed's radio devices here and the tool room here.
A label attached to Ed's strange tool says "Unknown"

There are hundreds of gadgets, tools and homemade devices in the tool room. The explanations of these items can fill up an entire book. Many of the tools are labeled ‘unknown’ and no one has bothered to research on why Ed made these complex tools and how he used them to build Coral Castle. 

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