Mysterious Radio Devices of Edward Leedskalnin Found at Coral Castle

Edward Leedskalnin worked extensively on radio devices. He claimed that radio waves were affected by "magneticity". In the tool room of Coral Castle, we can see a wide range of radios including tuning assembly, antenna tuners and switches. Ed had built a large aerial wire for his antenna which he stretched from the obelisk to the large crescent moon. Ed had told people he could listen to the music from the stars! He got into trouble because of these strange activities. The authorities visited him a few times during World War II, on suspicion that Ed could be a Russian spy. After this, Ed kept most of his radio experiments secret, and he buried a large portion of his devices under the castle, which were found shortly after his death.  

The antenna tuner of a World War II Radio at Coral Castle

A radio tuning assembly used by Edward Leedskalnin

An array of various devices at the tool room


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