Various Rocking Chairs at Coral Castle, Florida - Why did Edward Leedskalnin create them?

Edward Leedskalnin created dozens of rocking chairs and placed them all over Coral Castle. The tour guides point to an interesting change: the rocking chairs at Coral Castle are no longer rocking. They are fixed to the ground and have been made immovable. After Ed's death, the new management decided to eliminate the rocking movement, because most of the rocking chairs weigh at least a 1000 pounds, and people could get grievously hurt.

Back in the day when Ed was giving his tour, visitors remember that the Florida Table was the most interesting part. When he got near the Florida Table, he would run around the rocking chairs, nudging them softly as though he was playing "Duck, Duck, Goose". To visitors' surprise, all the rocking chairs would rock violently around the Florida Table, with the slightest touch of Ed. Is this just a playful act of Ed, or did he use the rocking chairs for something important?

In Coral Castle, there are many rocking chairs in various sizes and shapes. If Ed created the castle for specific reasons, what could possibly be the use of these rocking chairs? For most visitors, these rocking chairs show Ed’s childish mentality, but there is a reason why Ed created them and placed them all over the castle. To learn the secret, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong.

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