Stonehenge Statue at Coral Castle - Homestead, Florida

On the western wall of Coral Castle, Edward Leedskalnin has erected a gigantic T shaped structure made of 2 coral rocks. It is referred to as the Stonehenge Statue. On top of the large vertical stone, Ed has placed a thinner rectangular slice of rock. Ed has glued them together with his 'special lime mortar' to create the desired shape. 

All authors, bloggers and tour guides put forth the same theory which goes like this: "Ed created this structure in memory of the Stonehenge in Southern England. If you've visited the Stonehenge, you would have no trouble recognizing this shape." This is astonishing, because the stones at Stonehenge do not look like that at all. All the stones at the top are supported by two vertical pillars, not one. Stonehenge stones look like π (pi), not T. Because of this popular misconception, Coral Castle has even earned the nickname "The American Stonehenge". If it doesn't represent the Stonehenge in England, what else does it represent? 

The picture above also shows a mysterious detail. You may not be able to spot it unless you scan it inch by inch. Good luck!

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