8 Foot Tall Barbecue Cooker at Coral Castle

Ed has built a massive rectangular megalith with clean cut windows on all 4 sides. It is commonly referred to as the "Barbecue Cooker". The explanation I heard was not impressive: "Edward Leedskalnin used this to cook chicken and hot dogs. He would create a fire in the pit, and insert the food into the differential. Now, we have an air tight vessel (differential) which cooks the food faster and will prevent it from splattering all over the place. Ed imagined his sweet sixteen will come and use this cooker to make him food on a daily basis."

Edward Leedskalnin's Barbecue Cooker

Inside of the Barbecue Cooker - there is a hanging differential

Ed's kitchen in the Coral Castle Tower has a weird bug proof container

Ed's actual kerosene cooker with pots and pans

Jars Edward Leedskalnin used for various purposes
Do you know that Ed's Barbecue cooker was not a cooker at all? It served a very important purpose. To know the real purpose of this 8 foot tall megalithic object, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

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