The Mysterious "Grotto Of The Three Bears" at Coral Castle

There is a series of rocks in the center of Coral Castle which is referred to as the "Grotto of the three bears". No one knows what this structure means and people think Edward Leedskalnin created this in memory of the fairy tale called ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. 

Was Ed cuckoo in the head to waste his valuable time and energy to create megalithic structures of cartoon characters? Or did Ed just tell people what they wanted to hear? How could a man create the world's only megalithic telescope on one side, and create a structure for a fairy tale on the other?

Today, the "Grotto of the three bears" is partially covered by plants. Ed has arranged several rocks to show a specific shape, but it may be impossible to find out now. It is not just a matter of removing the plants, there are other reasons.  

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