Mysterious Structure at Coral Castle - Drop 10 Cents Below!

On the front entrance, you can see a mysterious stone with the writing "ADM. 10 C. DROP BELOW". It has a 5 pointed star as well. Today, if you drop a dime through the hole, nothing happens, it simply falls out at the back. Rumor has it that Ed had a strange device filled with a liquid behind this stone. And there is something even more strange: during Ed's time dimes were made of pure silver. In 1965, the new dimes came out which were made of copper-nickel alloy. Locals say that Ed was performing a strange experiment with acids and pure silver. Do you know that silver possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any metal? It also has the highest thermal conductivity as well. Are all these factors just coincidences? Or was Ed making "magneticity" using silver dimes?

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