Obelisk - Egyptian Secret Symbol at Coral Castle?

On the eastern wall, Ed has placed a massive stone that has been dubbed "the obelisk". This object is 15 feet tall, but having placed on top of the wall which is 8 feet, makes it look taller. If you observe carefully, you can see metal antennas on top of the obelisk. Why did Ed put metal antennas on this structure?  

He made it when he was in Florida City at Ed's Place. He has carved some interesting information on it. It says "Made 1928, Moved 1939, Born 1887, Latvia - E.L". Ed has also carved a hole near the very top, in the shape of a star. It served a practical purpose. 

Why did Edward Leedskalnin make a hole on top of the obelisk? What does the obelisk mean? Why did Ed put metal antennas on top? Read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong to find out!

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