Perpetual Motion Machine - Magnetic Flywheel at Coral Castle. Edward Leedskalnin & Sweet Sixteen

In Edward Leedskalnin's tool room, there is a circular machine that is often referred to as the Perpetual Motion Machine. What we see today, is a magnetic flywheel. However, during his time Ed had hooked up a complex series of pulleys and chains and had created a much larger setup. 

There are eyewitness accounts confirming that Ed demonstrated the conversion of mechanical energy into electricity using the flywheel in the tool room. Even though he had created a complex setup around flywheel, he disengaged those accessories during day time. To entertain visitors, Ed would connect an electric bulb to this device, and when he spun the flywheel, the bulb would light up.

On the left corner of the tool room, you can see the flywheel

If you observe carefully, you'll notice that Ed has lined the inside of the flywheel with his 'special lime mortar'. Why did he do that? Ed used the same lime mortar on the bathtub and moon fountain to avoid leaks. Does that mean he filled the flywheel with water as well? Or did he use some other liquid?

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