Mysterious Stone Pedestals at Coral Castle - Why did Edward Leedskalnin Put them all over?

Coral Castle is known for many strange megalithic objects like the obelisk, moon fountain and the sundial. However, Ed has placed many rectangular coral blocks all over the castle. This has raised many eyebrows, but Ed has put his "special lime mortar" on the top of all of these rocks which clearly indicates that these blocks were used for a specific purpose.  Some have argued that Ed used them as lantern stands and others say these blocks have some mysterious energy. A researcher and a tour guide, Ray Ramirez claimed that these blocks were capable of transmitting energy, which is why Ed placed them in strategic locations. Any ideas?
Rectangular pedestal with lime mortar on top. You can see another one behind it as well. 

A rectangular coral pedestal below the tree

What was Ed doing with these blocks?

Yet another one. The mystery continues ...

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