Three Reading Chairs at Coral Castle - Mysterious Carving Of Edward Leedskalnin

In the northwest corner, Ed has placed three large chairs made of coral rocks. These are commonly referred to as "Reading Chairs" by tour guides. These three chairs share a common foot rest in the middle, which is also made of coral. These items create the shape of a 3 blade ceiling fan. 

Why did Edward Leedskalnin take the time to create these weird structures? Why did he insist on doing it by himself? Some argue that Ed kept his techniques secret, so others couldn't compete with him. If that's the case, why did he refuse to employ mules, horses and machines? 

The above picture shows the front view of the "Reading chairs". Behind it, on the left you can see the Stonehenge Statue and on the right you can see the Florida Table.  You can also see several Rocking Chairs strewn around. Do all these objects have specific meanings or were they created by a deranged, lovelorn man?

The reading chairs represent something specific just like the obelisk, stonehenge, barbecue cooker and bathtub. Edward Leedskalnin was not crazy, he built Coral Castle for a specific purpose. To learn more, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong  

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