Mysterious Moon Fountain at Coral Castle, Florida

A few feet away from the planet corner, Ed has placed a rather exotic sculpture in the ground. He called it the moon fountain or the moon pond. This is one of the most beautiful carvings of Coral Castle, as Ed has polished much of the surface, giving it a finished look. It is made of 3 distinct pieces: two crescent moons which stand vertically, flanking the large full moon which sits horizontally in the center. This unique representation of the moon shows three phases: Waxing, Waning and the Full Moon. 

But if this carving represents the moon, what about the huge crescent on the north wall? What does that represent? What about the smaller crescent right next to it? Was Ed simply making many sculptures of the moon to impress his sweet-sixteen? No, Edward Leedskalnin had a much higher purpose in life than to impress his girlfriend. To learn more, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Ed has carved the inner circumference of the circle, almost like teeth of a gear. There is a reason for this, just like there is a reason why he carved the core with a 6 pointed star. 

The above picture was taken from the back of the moon fountain. You can see the sundial and Coral Castle's tower through the 2 crescents which look like devil's horns. 

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