Edward Leedskalnin's Bath Tub at Coral Castle

The tour guides explain this as Ed's bathtub. However, it is too small for any adult to fit inside the tub. The inner tank is less than 4 feet long, so there is no way to lie down inside. When you go to Coral Castle, just try it, it's impossible. Ed never took a bath in the "bathtub", he did it in the backyard. Most people fail to realize that Ed did not live inside the castle walls. There is also a weird object called "Ed's Mirror" near the bathtub.
Ed's Bathtub at Coral Castle
Ed created this baby basinet to put his imaginary baby in it?
An alternate view of the bathtub at Coral Castle
If this is not a bathtub, then what is it? Well, it did serve a very important purpose. To learn more, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

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