Alien Sculpture Found At Coral Castle! Did Edward Leedskalnin Hint at Gods?

Many visitors at Coral Castle ask the following question: "If Edward Leedskalnin built Coral Castle for his sweet-sixteen,why didn't he carve her face in one of the 1100 tons of rock?" Well, Ed has done something worse! He has carved the face of an extraterrestrial near the southern wall of the castle. This is the only face he has carved, hinting it could be something very important. 

What prompted Ed to carve such a face? He has placed yellow marbles for eyes, carved 2 holes for nostrils and a small mouth. The topic of Coral Castle has appeared several times on History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens' show and people have claimed Ed was visited by extraterrestrials. They argue that this why he was able to build Coral Castle without the help of other human beings and machines. 

The alien face is situated near the bottom of this picture
The area where Ed carved the face of the extraterrestrial is weird. It is filled with shells and holes which make up strange shapes and numbers. For example, on the top of the above picture, we can see  the letters and numbers "C11". Is this a natural formation or did Ed do this on purpose?

The above picture is a distant shot of the alien face. Ed has created a large stone bench weighing several tons to place the sculpture on top of it, making it look like an altar for alien worship. Was Ed contacted by extraterrestrials? Was Ed a pagan who worshiped strange Gods?

Some people point in a completely different direction. Edward Leedskalnin was involved in devil worship. And they have taken it even further: Ed's apparition appears in Coral Castle from time to time. During night time, you can see a shadowy figure perched up on the large crescent moon. This is not something new, rumors of Ed's ghost started circulating around the year 2000. The Paranormal Awareness Society in Homestead has carried out several ghost hunting expeditions at Coral Castle. In 2007, a newspaper did an article about this, you can read it here.

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