Repentance Corner at Coral Castle - Edward Leedskalnin's Torture Device?

The most defamatory thing ever said about Edward Leedskalnin is the Repentance Corner. In this corner, Ed has carved 2 holes that look like keyholes. No one knows how this story came about: When Ed was building Coral Castle for his imaginary family, he thought "what if someone misbehaves?” So he carved these 2 holes here, one for his wife and one for his kid. 

When they need to be punished, he could shove their heads into these round openings at the top and lock them in with a piece of wood. This was in essence, a medieval stockade. When they stand there motionless in this torturous position, Ed could sit on a nearby stone bench and teach them some manners.

Was Ed nuts to build a coral stockade to punish his imaginary wife and children? Well, after all he did build an eight foot tall barbecue cooker and a coral bathtub for his sweet-sixteen, didn't he? Well, read the book Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong and you will know why Ed built these strange, inexplicable objects. 

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