Coral Castle has a moat? No, it is the quarry!

There is a large quarry around Coral Castle which Ed used to excavate tons and tons of rock. Many of the cut marks on this bed rock is interesting and some of them are outright bizarre. A careful look at this area might answer the most commonly asked question: "How did Edward Leedskalnin build a 1100 ton castle all by himself?" Ed referred to Coral Castle as Rock Gate, a name that's almost completely forgotten now. Since people think of it as a castle, visitors often think of the quarry as a moat. There is a fence around the quarry now, so it was not possible to take closeup pictures.
Around Coral Castle lies Ed's Quarry - it is often referred to as a moat
Look at the cut marks in the quarry, we might learn something!
Why did Ed build Coral Castle? What do the strange objects like obelisk and barbecue cooker mean? To learn the secret, read Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

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